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White LED Dancefloor for Hire

White LED Dancefloor Glasgow

Got a wedding or event planned?  Want to wow your guests:

From August 2013 we will have a wonderful new Sparkly White Led Dancefloor to hire.

Our Sparkly White LED Dance Floor uses the latest technology and is perfect for weddings, wedding receptions, parties or celebration dinners! Add are the ultimate wow factor!

Take advantage of our introductory offer:

Our smallest size of dancefloor 16ft x 16ft is £400 and our largest size dance floor 20ft x 20ft is £500. This price includes VAT, delivery, setup & collection within 20 miles of Glasgow.

LED dance floors: Which colour? Which hire company?

Dancing. Some of us can do it very well, some of us will only do it at weddings or parties (and we need a lot of ‘dutch-courage’ to do it!), whilst some us take to the dance floor with ease, not caring who is watching, looking and laughing.

Dancing plays a bit part on many occasions, weddings being one of them. It is a cultural thing, a way of people coming together, celebrating the occasion and having a good time. To do this, you need a dance floor.

What is a traditional dance floor?

A traditional dance floor we remember from weddings and parties are usually wooden or laminate, screwed together to form an almost protective barrier to the carpet underneath. Some come in parquet design and were polished to give great foot movement – or knee-sliding toward the end of the evening. Modern twists developed with some dance floors being all black or all white in colour. More than that, no one gave the dance floor a second thought. It was functional and it did the job.

What is a modern dance floor?

Today, in the world of modern-day functions, events and weddings, there is a new dance floor. It has its own lighting system and creates the most amazing and stunning impression on your guests – the white LED dance floor.

Sounds space age but the technology is simple.

LED lights are an effective light bulb. They don’t give off heat and when the supply of energy to them is altered, they take on a different colour. Get the supply ‘just right’ and you will have the most stunning, bright white light.

Place these LED bulbs within a setting such as a dance floor, and you get a dance floor that lights ups the room – with it illumination as well as with its wow factor.

Can I hire a white LED dance floor?

Yes you can and the great news is that it is not a budget-buster either. White LED dance floors can lift the mood of the venue, intrigue your guests so much that without them knowing, they will be on the dance floor, tripping the light fantastic before they know it!

Will the white LED dance floor be big enough?

We have two sizes available but we can create different shapes, as the components clip together. Want a walkway to your dance floor? Not a problem.

Are these dance floors safe?

Yes they are. The LED bulbs are encased in strong plastic that is robust enough to take pounding feet and plenty of knee-sliding moves throughout your evening – and the great thing is you don’t need to lift a finger. When you hire your white LED dance floor from the Fullarton Suite, we deliver it, install it and then come back to dismantle it when you event is over.

What could be simpler? Call us today to book your white LED dance floor for your main event!


Please do not hesitate to check availability with us through our contact form or telephone us on: 07581020906.

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