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White LED Dancefloor for Hire

Dancefloor for Hire

Got a wedding or event planned?  Want to wow your guests:

From August 2013 we will have a wonderful new Sparkly White Led Dancefloor to hire.

Our Sparkly White LED Dance Floor uses the latest technology and is perfect for weddings, wedding receptions, parties or celebration dinners! Add the ultimate wow factor!

Available in sizes from 8ft x 8ft to 20ft x 20ft 

Hire a LED dance floor for your Glasgow party!

Planning an event takes time, energy, an eye for detail and a budget. Many people when planning a large event, whether it is a birthday celebration, Christmas party or a wedding, also have a theme. They choose colours of patterns that say something about them or their event.
They also choose a venue to suit their theme or event; some opt for traditional settings, whilst other people look to a fresher, more modern approach to their occasion.

Choices are made so that everything in the venue is drawn together, making the interior look pleasant, welcoming and opulent.

And what could be more opulent than a LED dance floor for your Glasgow venue?

Not many people consider that an LED dance floor would fit ‘in’ with their Glasgow celebration but you will be surprised to find that it can be an amazing focal point in any setting.

It can form an exceptional and extra special centre piece for you venue, enticing guests to have a dance; it adds a subtle illumination to the room as well.

Many people associate LED bulbs with the bright lights of a kitchen. This, in fact is just one application of the LED bulb. As the energy supply to these bulbs is altered, the colour will change. But keep the supply steady and current, without interruption and you’ll get a crisp and true-white light.

But the LED dance floor for your Glasgow party will not be like the landing strip at the airport. The energy is toned down, so that the glow is ambient and gentle, but illuminating without being harsh. In our white LED dance floor, the bulbs have been created to give a slight ‘twinkling’ affect.

Kids love the lit dance floors; adults make their way over too, just to have a look. And, before you know it, people are enjoying dancing on it – surely there is nothing more satisfying when hosting a party or event, to see people so obviously enjoying themselves?

Get it right!

When hiring our LED dance floor for your Glasgow party, we can help you get it right by:

  • Telling us how many guests you are expecting – this way we can advise which size of dance floor to hire. Too big and it will seem like a massive void to fill and too small will make it uncomfortable for guests.
  • Venue – let us know your Glasgow venue as included in the price is delivery and installation within 20 miles of Glasgow.
  • Time and date – let us know the date and what time your Glasgow event starts. We like to have the dance floor built and ready in plenty of time before your party starts.

So light up your Glasgow venue with our LED dance floor – call us today to book!

Please do not hesitate to check availability with us through our contact form or telephone us on: 07581020906.

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