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White LED Dancefloor for Hire

Dancefloor for Hire

Got a wedding or event planned?  Want to wow your guests:

From August 2013 we will have a wonderful new Sparkly White Led Dancefloor to hire.

Our Sparkly White LED Dance Floor uses the latest technology and is perfect for weddings, wedding receptions, parties or celebration dinners! Add the ultimate wow factor!

Available in sizes from 8ft x 8ft to 20ft x 20ft 

LED dance floor for hire in and around Glasgow

Who doesn’t love a good party, where the music is the right era, the food and drink is good and the room is filled with family and friends? When the night flows effortlessly like this, even the shyest of people will hit the dance floor to dance the night way.

As the party host, we like to make a statement too. You’ve got the venue booked, the caterers are secured and the menu decided on. You’ve shopped for party accessories and decoration but have you thought about the dance floor.

Many venues have a traditional wooden dance floor and with the accompanying flashing lights from the DJ desk, this has been the party set up for many years.

But technology has advanced, especially in lighting. LED lights are everywhere in the home, as well as in commercial premises. They can provide dimmed, ambient, gentle lighting or, when clustered together they can be blindingly bright. They can also come in a range of colours, giving an amazing overall affect.

This technology has allowed a new creation to be invented for party-goers all over the country, so the next time you are planning a celebration look for an LED dance floor for hire.

The Fullerton Suite has a white LED dance floor for hire, which gives an amazing lighting effect for any party, no matter what the theme or occasion.

Imagine your guests as they enter your party to see the stunning effects created by the white LED dance floor – check out our online gallery to see how versatile it is too. There is no need to choose your theme or colour to suit the dance floor, as its neutral colour will fit in with any colour scheme, adding an extra, stunning dimension to your event.

But how can such a stunningly simple idea, create such amazing results? Our white LED dance floor for hire all year round, is certainly popular. The twinkling of the white LEDs create a wonderful impression, along with the pure glossy finish it invites people to step on it. People are intrigued, children love them too. No more will you seek the shy, shrinking violets sitting in the corner, tapping their feet, wanting to dance but not daring to get up.

LED dance floors for hire from the Fullerton Suite entice people out of their chairs and your event or party will be off to a great start!

If you want a fresh, modern approach to your occasion, then come to the Fullarton Suite and check out our stunning LED dance floor, for hire across Glasgow and the surrounding areas. Neither will break your budget and, within 20 miles of Glasgow, we will deliver it for free. And no need to get the family DIY enthusiast to come over; our specialist installation team will create the perfect dance floor and be back to dismantle it too.

Call us today to book your LED dance floor!

Please do not hesitate to check availability with us through our contact form or telephone us on: 07581020906.

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