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Glasgow Christmas Party 2017

Glasgow Christmas Party: Organise “something different”

Christmas parties are on everyone’s mind. Different people like different things so trying to organise a festive gathering that pleases everyone on the guest list is a tall order. But it can be done!

If you are looking to book your Glasgow Christmas party, there are a few things you need to consider:

What have you been asked to organise? A meal or a party?

Frequently, many Glasgow Christmas party organisers are simply asked to organise the ‘office do’ or ‘a bash’. Year and year, everyone seems to have a good time but this year, those dreaded words have been uttered... “we want something different”.

What is “something different”?

In other words, people are bored of the same old thing. We go out on our Christmas ‘do’ to find we spend far too much money on expensive drinks at the over-priced bar. Or the office Christmas meal turns out be the same old thing, just a Sunday roast with a festive twist of a cracker.

Don’t bother with a dance floor, no one dances

Possibly. Only after several drinks do people unwind and relax enough to may be dance at their Glasgow Christmas party. The parquet wooden floor is ready, the shoes are off and the handbags are in the middle. Music from a suitable era is blasting from the speakers but it is only the ‘usual’ crew on the dance floor. The other party-goers remain firmly bolted to the floor, usually at the bar where they are not within easy grabbing distance to be yanked onto the dance floor.

The solution to all these moans, concerns, criticisms and suggestions: get a different dance floor for your Glasgow Christmas party this year.

LED dance floors

These dance floors are amazing. They have hundreds of LED lights fixed within them that twinkle and shine all night long. In any setting, an ED dance floor adds colour, brightness and the focal point that any room or venue needs.

And you can hire one. And it doesn’t wipe out your Glasgow Christmas party fund in one hit.

Available to hire the Fullarton Suite, our white LED dance floors are perfectly sized to cope with any Christmas party guest list, from a small number to the whole office complex. Sturdy, robust and strong, our LED dance floor is delivered by us, installed by us and then dismantled by us. You have to do nothing other than relax, enjoy your Glasgow Christmas party and revel in the compliments of having organised “something different this year”.

The Fullarton Suite is taking bookings now for their LED dance floors. Don’t miss out!


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