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White LED Dancefloor for Hire

Dancefloor for Hire

Got a wedding or event planned?  Want to wow your guests:

From August 2013 we will have a wonderful new Sparkly White Led Dancefloor to hire.

Dance floor for hire Glasgow

Dance floor for hire: Frequently Asked Questions

With the Christmas party season on the horizon, here at the Fullerton Suite we start to receive many enquiries about our amazing dance floor for hire.
To help you make your decision, we’ve made a list of some frequently asked questions we get asked:

Who sets up the dance floor?

We do, which comes as a great relief to many customers! People often assume that hiring a dance floor means it is a DIY job and that you’ll spend hours before your party piece it all together. We take care of building your dance floor, and we also attend the venue after your event to dismantle it?

How long does it take to set it up?

Hardly any time at all. As we are familiar with our dance floors, they take less than an hour to be fully functioning in all their amazing LED glory. We will set it up well in advance of the start time for your party or event too.

Does set up cost extra?

The cost of setting up and dismantling your dance floor is included in the price. Also included is FREE delivery within 20 miles of Glasgow, another reason why you should consider the Fullerton Suite’s dance floor for hire.

What size are your dance floors?

We have two sizes available: 16feet square and the larger sized, 20 foot square. We find these are the perfect sizes for any party, no matter how many guests you are expecting.

Is the dance floor for hire adjustable?

These LED dance floors are adjustable to a certain extent as they are pieced together. Some customers would like a ‘path’ to their dance floor, and this can easily be created. Have a look at our online gallery to see our LED dance floor in action!

How long is your dance floor for hire?

That is down to you and your event requirements. Many customers opt for 24 hours, but we also has corporate customers who have hired the dance floors for a weekend or longer. It really does depend on your requirements.

Are LED dance floors safe?

Our dance floors meet all electrical standards regulations and guidelines. Correct installation and set up is essential, which is why we build your floor. They are robust, strong and sturdy.

Enjoy your party even more by adding the amazing ‘wow factor’ with an LED dance floor. Contact the Fullerton Suite today to book you dance floor.

Please do not hesitate to check availability with us through our contact form or telephone us on: 07581020906.

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