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Christmas Party Nights in Glasgow 2013

Christmas Party Nights in Glasgow lit up with LED dance floors

The Christmas party season is looming large and is nearly upon us. All over Glasgow, businesses large and small are gearing up to offer their workers the ‘party of all Christmas parties’.

In fact, it is usually the task of a designated organiser to choose the venue, the food, the DJ, the entertainment as well as getting it all booked. Making an impact, creating the perfect party setting takes more planning and organisation than people think.

But there is something new on the party list; Christmas party nights across Glasgow are being illuminated with LED dance floors!

Want to know more?

LED dance floors have harnessed the technology being the rather humble looking LED light bulb. On its own, it gives off a rather insubstantial glow but, cluster them together and you have not only a brilliant amount of light that is not too harsh but an overall stunning effect.

These LEDs are versatile too; there are many different colours available but the LED dance floor making the biggest impact on Christmas party nights in Glasgow in 2013 is the white ‘starlight’ dance floor from the Fullarton Suite.

The twinkling LED bulbs can remain static or you can opt to have them gently flashing or pulsing; either way, the versatility of the white LED dance floor means that your Christmas party will have at its centre a stunning focal point.

The speed that the bulbs twinkle can be altered too; just light the pulsing of the disco lights of yester-years that sped up with the fast numbers, dimming with the slower ones, the white LED dance floor can do the same.

Even better is keeping the hiring of the dance floor a surprise so that guests all over Glasgow on the office Christmas party nights will be in awe of the amazing, stunning effects created by our white LED dance floor.

Hire your LED dance floor today!

But don’t lose out in the Christmas rush - book early to avoid disappointment. Even better news is that we deliver, install and dismantle the dance floor, leaving you free to enjoy your night.

Safe and secure, our amazing LED dance floors are incredibly strong, providing the perfect platform for crowds of people to dance. They take less than an hour to build, depending on the venue and space; we also like to make sure the dance floor is built well in advance of any Christmas party nights happening at Glasgow don’t want us ‘just’ leaving as your guests start arriving.

Our LED dance floors are popular; book NOW!


Book Now for Christmas

Friday, 6th December 2013 - Saturday, 7th December 2013,
Xmas Party Night with DJ

Friday: £22.50

Saturday: £25.00

Friday, 13th December 2013 - Saturday, 14th December 2013,
Xmas Party Night with Singer & DJ

Friday: £22.50
Saturday: £25.00

Friday, 20st December 2013 - Saturday, 21nd December 2013,
Xmas Party Night withSinger & DJ

Friday: £22.50
Saturday: £25.00

Tuesday, 25th December 2013
Xmas Day

2 sittings: 2:30pm & 3:30pm
£45:00 per person (kids under 10, £22.50)

Singer between 5pm and 7pm

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